About me   

Hi, my name is  Alyssa  Jackson! I'm the "artist" (Am I an artist? Or just some weird 12 year old who likes to draw? Anyway...) Thank you for coming to my website. I hope you like my pictures!

I do art. (Wow, that sound professional.) Primarily hand drawings, but as you can see I do lots of digital art as well as some animations. I started doing digital art at age 7, and over time I moved on to better programs and drawing materials.

I live in Port Douglas with my small family and my crazy cat alongside the exotic Queensland wildlife, which is the main inspiration for my drawings. I like to spend my whole days doing nothing but drawing and writing. My sketchbook drawings may be included in this website in the future.

I am interested in fantasy, and mythical creatures such as dragons and gryphons. Sometimes I take characteristics of different animals and make up entirely new animals. They are the main things that are included in my drawings. I also like making up characters, and writing short stories about them. Sometimes my drawings get out of hand, though... as lots of mini doodles often end up in my test booklets at school.
If you're wondering why this website is called "Aly33a.com", it's because I was useless at writing s's in year one and they ended up looking like the number 3, so kudos to my bad handwriting.
That's it for now, thanks for coming here!