Why is your website called Aly33a.com?

When I was learning to write I had a habit of reversing some letters and replacing some letters with numerals - as you do when learning to write! 

Aly33a was my version of Alyssa. My Dad (MrLawyerMan.com.au and Google man Jacko.com.au) thought it would be a cool domain name. I agree

What else do you do?

In 2022 and 2023 I played clarinet in the Burnside Youth Concert Band. In late 2023 I am pleased to have been selected to join 'Symphonic Winds' which is a wind orchestra joined to the Elder Conservatorium. In 2024 I am having a gap 'six months' before enrolling at Adelaide University for a Science / Arts Degree.

Do you have a cat?

Yes, my cat is called Sisi.